No Tears For Black Girls

Sisters in Death: The Tragic Murders of Ana Matias and Destini Smothers
EPISODE 87 • SEASON 00:09:41

In this harrowing episode of “No Tears For Black Girls,” we delve into the brutal murders of 14-year-old Ana Matias and young mother Destini Smothers. In 2008, Ana was left in the care of a man who claimed to be her father, only to tragically lose her life. And in 2020, Destini lost her life at the hands of her common-law husband, Kareem Flake. As Destini's family struggled to find answers and justice, Flake remained on the run for a year before finally being apprehended. Join us as we uncover the heart-wrenching details of these senseless deaths and demand justice for these precious Black lives.

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