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Memories of SMTOWN Museum and PLAY KPOP
EPISODE 10 • SEASON 2 00:38:11

At the time of this recording, there are a total of six active museums in South Korea solely in celebration and historical cataloging of their nation’s music and one for world instruments. These museums are 

There are also three indefinitely closed ones, including the Museum of Traditional Korean Music. Aside from the relatively newer privately-owned attraction, two popular entertainment stops in South Korea for music lovers that are indefinitely closed were a sight to behold. Thus, this episode is in honor and anticipation – potentially alleged anticipation – of the return of the K-pop catalog originator, and the premiere label-specific collection. This episode is entitled, “Memories of SMTOWN Museum and PLAY KPOP.” 

Listen to this episode as we discuss history and share commentary about these two spaces.

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